Lists and Data Export

The web-application can also be used for listing and data export purposes. In both cases, only data about vessels satisfying the current filter will be seen.

In normal use, the lists and exports will be snapshots of the present situation. Older (historical) data from within a certain period are also available.


The list contains vessel information, with a predefined number of vessels per page. The listing is by default sorted by name, but other sorting criteria can be selected.

For each vessel in the list, a "Detail" link gives access to more detailed information, and a "Map" link activates a map page with the vessel in question in the centre.

Data Export

This feature exports vessel data to the user using files on so-called "TVs" (tab separated value) format.

For each export operation, the user must select which attributes (feature names) that shall be exported (default is only IMO number).