Historical Data and Statistics

Historical data from the AIS data sources are stored as "snapshots" in a custom defined database. This database is built for fast and easy storing and loading of snapshot data.

At each custom defined interval (e.g. every 5 minute) a snapshot of all online data is made. After another defined interval (e.g. a month), old data is deleted from the database. It is also possible to "slim" the data (to e.g. an interval of 1 hour after e.g. 24 hours)

Viewing Historical Data

Historical data can be viewed both in maps, lists and as exported data.


Historical data in the AIS Server can be analysed and serve as basics for a variety statistical purposes:

  • Traffic measurements: Can be used to report traffic within or through a geographical area. 
  • Harbour usage: Can be used for reporting mooring time in harbours.

The reports can be broken down on different vessel types, sizes, cargo etc.