Events are used to identify a significant change of status for a vessel. Technically, events are managed by means of filters (read more), and an event related to a filter occurs every time a vessel comes into and/or falls out of a filter's selection criteria.

Some examples of events (and filters) are:

  • A vessel leaving or entering a geographical region or area (a rectangle, a general polygon or a circle).
  • A vessel is loosing contact (time since last time stamp is greater than a given limit).
  • A vessel is slowing down (speed is below a certain limit).
  • Change of navigation status to/from a certain value (for example "Moored"). 

The occurrence of an event can in result in a (warning) message being sent via a messaging system, e-mail or SMS.

A satisfactory event service will require more complex and "intelligent" filters than the the ones we are presently supporting. There is a constant development going on within this field.