AIS Server features

The CMR AIS Server is a complete web-based solution for handling AIS data. Data about individual vessels or defined groups of vessels can be shown as lists in tabular form, or graphically on maps using an integrated web map server. Data can also be exported to tab-separated text files.

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Basic features

The server features the following:

  • Multiple AIS sources
  • Integrated web map server
  • Superior performance
  • User defined filtering of vessels
  • Multiple web browser support
  • Multiple custom defined background maps
  • Custom defined smart links to external web servers
  • Direct data export to applications (such as Excel)
  • Integrated fast database for historic data
  • Advanced mapping features
  • Smart labelling of vessels

The AIS Server has been developed in collaboration with The Norwegian Coastal Administration (Kystverket/Kystdirektoratet).